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Site: the baoyuan community of shiyan street in baoan district, shenzhen city, is located on the 6th floor of B2 building in shunshun industrial park, 10 to 6

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Quality service

To provide customers with service, quality assurance, aging, customer standing point of view,

Service based:
Customer first, courteous service, with our expertise and dedication to exchange customers for our satisfaction with the service
Living by quality
We do the best quality:
All products through the security regulations certification, shipment aging test, the product shipped within one year, second years warranty
Guaranty prescription:
The product sample time is 3 days, the big goods delivery time is 15-18 days.

In strong enterprising footprints, embodies the unity of Yulong people confidence and power; behind a brilliant achievement, with prosperity and dreams of people Yulong heavy solid.

¡ª¡ªBelieve, Yulong, let us create a better future!
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