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Contact information
Shenzhen Keyulong Technology Co. Ltd.
Address: Shiyan City, Shiyan City, Baoan District, Bao community, material pit, people?s livelihood road, No. 10-6, long Shun Industrial Park, B2 building, building 6, building on the ground floor, Shenzhen
Contact: Mr. Chen
Mobile: 13590301618
Fax: 0755-29472639
Mailbox: andy@683165.com
Official website: www.683165.com
Alibaba: shenkl888.1688.com
Overseas Business
Frank £º+86-186-6459-5279 
bus line
Subway: line ring "Ganoderma station" walk to Baoan Haiya department store M250 to "take the material Hang industrial area", walk 700 meters to the Dakota yulong;
Bus: take b644 Road, m257 road to the "grand Industrial Park Station, walk 100 meters to the Dakota yulong.
SERVICE ONLINE Custom service
  • 13590301618